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Our Mission

To enable others to enhance the quality of life in Richmond, in all its cultural and ethnic diversity, by the attraction and prudent stewardship of donated capital, distributing the income by way of grants to respond to local needs and interests as a caring, ethical and independent community foundation.

The RYF Executive Council

Martin Hui - martin[at]ryfoundation.org - Chairperson

Ian Law - ian[at]ryfoundation.org - Vice-Chairperson

Colin Chau - colin[at]ryfoundation.org - Secretary

Andy Li - andy[at]ryfoundation.org - Treasurer

Eiston Lo - eiston[at]ryfoundation.org

Mayanne Mak - mayanne[at]ryfoundation.org

Monique Wong - monique[at]ryfoundation.org

Nadia Meherally - nadia[at]ryfoundation.org

Ronak Samadi - ronak[at]ryfoundation.org 

More information about the RYF Executive Councillors can be found here.

The RYF General Committee

Kelvin Cheung - kelvin[at]ryfoundation.org 

Mandy Cheung - mandy[at]ryfoundation.org

Jennifer Chu - jennifer[at]ryfoundation.org

Christine Joseph - christine[at]ryfoundation.org

Bond Lai - bond[at]ryfoundation.org

Sarah Lee - sarah[at]ryfoundation.org

Kerri Lu - kerri[at]ryfoundation.org

Sylvia Tam - sylvia[at]ryfoundation.org

Perri Tutelman - perri[at]ryfoundation.org

Lynn Wei - lynn[at]ryfoundation.org

Gabriel Wong - gabriel[at]ryfoundation.org

Contact Us

For immediate assistance, questions or comments, please email info[at]ryfoundation.org,

Alternately, we can also be reached at:

Richmond Youth Foundation
Suite 520- 8100 Granville Avenue
Richmond BC, V6Y 3T6

Phone: 604-270-4483
Fax: 604-270-4487

Last updated April 30, 2009