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Great!  So you want to apply for a grant from the Richmond Youth Foundation!  We want to make it as simple as possible for you, so please read the following information carefully.  Please be aware, however, that we accept many applications and cannot fund every request.  

The Richmond Youth Foundation Grants Committee reviews and evaluates each proposal and invites organizations with appropriate initiatives, organized by young people or impacting young people in the community of Richmond to apply for funding.

Please check back in July, 2009 for information on when the next Richmond Youth Foundation Granting Cycle begins!

General Grant Information 

The Richmond Youth Foundation accepts proposals within our granting cycles (listed below) from those with an association with a Richmond based charitable organization that has a CRA registered charity number (any organization with registered charitable tax status, such as non-profit organizations). 

If you are from a Richmond Secondary school, you need to have the full support of your school and a school staff advisor - they will need to check with the School District if they will allow you to use the District's Registered Charity number.  Alternately, you will need to contact a Richmond based charitable organization that has a CRA registered charity number and get the full support of their Board of Directors. 

If you plan on working with your local Richmond Community Centre, make sure you have the full support of your centre's Youth Development Worker and Community Centre Association - they will need to ask the Community Centre Association if they are willing to use the Centre's registered charity number. 

If none of these apply to you, you will need to contact a Richmond based charitable organization that has a CRA registered charity number and get the full support of their Board of Directors. 

You will need a CRA registered charity number to  order to apply for a Richmond Youth Foundation grant. 

Projects We Have Funded

Richmond Secondary School Community Garden (Evergreen)

Richmond Rotaract Club IMPACT Anti-Poverty Seminar 2009

Richmond Student Leadership Conference 2008

Hugh Boyd Secondary School Shower Conference 2007

Greenlympics 2010 Legacy Conference 2007 

Grant Application Procedures

 What do you need to do?  Follow the instructions below: 

1) Download and read the RYF Grants Information Package by clicking here.  

2) If you think your project/idea fits, check out the "Eligibility Criteria" section below to see if its eligible for funding.

3) Download and fill out the RYF Letter of Intent by clicking here. Make sure you send it back before the deadline to grants[at]! 

4) The RYF Grants Committee will review your letters of intent to determine whether you are eligible for a grant application. 

5) We will then audit the overall project and organization.

6) Grant Applications are reviewed by the RYF Grants Committee and recommendations are forwarded to the RYF Executive Council and the Richmond Community Foundation Board of Directors for a final decision on the awarding of funding.

7) If your project is successful, you get funding!

RYF Granting Cycles

Please check back in July, 2009 for information on when the next Richmond Youth Foundation Granting Cycle begins!

Eligibility Critera

Below is the eligibility critera of the projects we fund:

1. Initiatives organized by young people that will directly benefit the residents of Richmond or organized for the purpose of benefiting young people in Richmond
2. Initiatives are available without discrimination because of race, colour, creed, sex, age, marital status or ability
3. Demonstrate the organization has charitable tax status under the income tax act.
4. Charitable purposes that contribute to the moral, mental, cultural and physical improvement of the inhabitants of Richmond
5. Build community capacity in the overall community by meeting a minimum of two (2) of the following:
    a. More effective use, increased, or sharing of community resources
    b. Co-ordination, co-operation and sharing among organizations and the elimination of duplicate services
    c. Mobilization of community participation
    d. Creation of opportunity for inter-generational and/or inter-cultural understanding
    e. Promotion of volunteer participation and/or citizen involvement
    f. Sharing of talent and cultural background with the community at large
    g. Fostering of community partnerships and collaboration based on shared vision and mutual responsibility
    h. Promotion of community dialogue on issues of community importance
    i. Nurture and build community strengths
    j. Promote self-reliance
    k. Foster prevention
6. Have broad based community impact
7. Address a significant community challenge
8. Respond to a significant existing or emerging need
9. Do one of the following:
    a. Create opportunities for dialogue
    b. Reflect diversity (not limited to ethnic diversity)
    c. Foster renewal
    d. Build community assets
    e. Balance community resources
10. Develop partnerships among community organizations
11. Build on existing or develop new skills and community resources
12. May be seed funding for a special, new, or demonstration project (if ongoing, sustainable funding must be identified)
13. Demonstrate a promotional plan (including media coverage) that will feature the Richmond Youth Foundation as a significant funder
14. Demonstrate a strong and committed board, fiscal responsibility and organizational management

We Do Not Fund

Unfortunately, we can't fund everything. Take a look through this list to see what expenses the RYF does not fund:

1. Operating expenses of established organizations, program, or services
2. Wages or salaries
3. Operating or capital deficits
4. Annual fundraising campaigns, form letter request or telephone campaigns
5. Capital campaigns
6. Adding to endowment funds
7. Direct religious activities
8. Team sponsorships
9. Conference or travel expenses

Grant Eligibility Guidelines

Make sure you take a comprehensive read-through of the following:

2009 Granting Priorities

The Richmond Youth Foundation Executive Council has decided that we will be open and general for this year's granting cycles.  As such, we will be open to any and all applicant ideas/projects that we receive. 


1. The Richmond Youth Foundation and the Richmond Community Foundation (RCF) will support only those agencies and organizations of benefit to the citizens of Richmond.
2. Grants are made only to qualified donees (as defined by Canada Revenue Agency)
3. Grants are made only to support the purposes as stated in the Foundation's constitution; including:
   - To promote education and cultural advancement and scientific or medical research for the increase of human knowledge and alleviation of human suffering and;
   - To provide for such other charitable purposes as may contribute to the moral, mental, cultural and physical improvement of the inhabitants of Richmond, British Columbia.


1. The final decision on all grants rests with the Board on advice of the RYF and RCF Grants Committees.
2. The Foundation will meet at least the minimum distribution quota in the amounts and at the times as required by the Income Tax Act.
3. The Foundation will annually make grants a minimum of once a calendar year, depending on the availability of funds.
4. As a basic guideline for grant making, the Foundation will each year establish priorities for support based on an on-going needs assessment and diversification of purposes.
5. The Foundation will each year, based on priorities and funds available, determine the size range of grants
6. Grants will be awarded to those projects which fit the established priorities and afford the greatest benefit to the greatest number of Richmond residents.
7. Grants are normally given for equipment or furnishings; for special, new or demonstration projects, or as start-up funding (seed funding).
8. Individuals are not eligible for grants, other than scholarships.

General Grant Application Requirements

After you've successfully received a Richmond Youth Foundation grant, you must be aware of the following:

Two (2) copies of a fully completed application form and a typewritten statement containing the following:
1. A brief description of the organization's history, objectives, activities, target population, geographical area of operation
2. A summary of the project and the purpose of the request, with an explanation of the need, anticipated benefits, method of measuring results, evidence of co-operation/partnership with other organizations, timetables, project key personnel, specific components of initiative to be funded by grant, total project cost and specific amount requested from the Richmond Community Foundation, other sources of funding received/pending for the project/program, plans for future funding (if it is to be ongoing)
3. A copy of the Board resolution approving the request with two (2)signatures of authorized directors of the organization, and one copy of the following:
    i) A list of current Directors and Senior Operating Officer, with contact information (addresses and telephone numbers).
    ii) A copy of the up-to-date filed financial records signed by two (2) officers of the organization
    iii) A copy of the organization's Canada Revenue Agency documents confirming status as a registered charity, plus a copy of the incorporation documents

Where Grant Funding Comes From

Grants are made possible from the annual income generated from the Richmond Youth Foundation's Endowment Fund and other Endowment Funds at the Richmond Community Foundation. Specific fundraising efforts are undertaken to grow the fund. The Richmond Youth Foundation invites interested individuals, groups and organizations to support the permanent RYF Endowment Fund with donations, or to consider establishing their own endowment fund in the care and stewardship of the Richmond Community Foundation.  Charitable societies may also establish permanent endowment funds specifically for the benefit of their organization.

For more information, please contact the Richmond Youth Foundation's Fund Development Committee by emailing martin[at]

Last updated April 10, 2009.